• Soseaua Borsului, 90, 417075, Bors, Bihor, Romania


With an experience of over 10 years in the household industry, Euronet is known both in Romania and internationally as a manufacturer of high quality household items. To continue our mission further, we have abide by the following values:

• Modern technology, which allows us to produce a large quantity of high quality items, at reduced costs.

• Collaboration and efficient communication, as we understand client need and offer personalised solutions, from design and production, to timely delivery.

• A commitment to the environment, as we ensure that our production operations respect the ethical norms and have a minimum impact of the environment.

• Made in Romania, to support the local economy, by making high quality products that last a lifetime.

At Euronet, we think true success comes from a personalised approach and a commitment to client needs.

Why Euronet?


A well trained team

The quality of our products and services is the result of every man on our team. We aim to continue to encourage a productive work environment, with frequent and personalised training.

Our very own production facility

We have a 2,376 sqm production hall, equipped with modern machines for the production, testing and assembling of household items.

Complete warehouse

Our storage facility is of 2,304 sqm and it has a capacity to store 2,353 europallets. The hydraulic ramps and the six loading gates allow for quick loading of a high volume order.

Made in Romania

At Euronet, we support national values, by making household products which are high quality, at reduced costs and fostering strong client relations. We believe that by encouraging the national economy, we grow both economically and personally.

High-performing order management system

A high-performing order management system enables us to quickly connect your order to production and fast delivery. This means that our order is treated with highest priority, regardless of the volume.

A diverse portfolio

Up until now, we have collaborated with over 1,000 trade and retail companies in Romania and Europe. Our experience ranges from independent retailers and warehouses in Romania, to international chains like Kaufland, Selgros and Metro.

Our Clients

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