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Complete Cleaning Set

What are the products you have in mind when you think about a complete cleaning? Find them all in the complete cleaning set from Euronet.

A good cleaning starts with choosing the right equipment. The complete cleaning set from Euronet includes all the tools you need for a thorough cleaning of your home:

  • Renata Broom, made from resilient plastic fibers
  • Dustpan with a rubber blade, which enables the collection of dirt and fine dust particles
  • Semioval bucker with wringer, a great choice for wet cleaning
  • Viscose mop head, to regain the natural, good-as-new shine of your floors
  • Two 1.1m broom handles, which has a proper screw-in attachment head that fits most brooms and mops

Choose the complete cleaning set and get the quick, long-lasting cleaning experience you need.

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